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On Campus
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2 years
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Prepare for an interdisciplinary approach to Fitness and Sports management and craft your own degree plan for success.

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Why earn a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Fitness Management Master's?

  • Work independently across two or more disciplines
  • Teamwork
  • Function across organizational silos through discipline integration
  • Synthesize information and results
  • Write in a professional and coherent manner

Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Fitness Management Master's Highlights

Whether you are a young recent graduate of a bachelor’s program or have been in the workforce for years, you can hone your talents for future employment where broad knowledge, advanced research, and effective communication skills are in high demand.
The program allows you to take classes in person at our Frisco or Denton campuses, or you can choose to complete it 100% online.
Our online master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies is ranked a Top 25 Program in the Nation by
Through UNT’s Interdisciplinary Studies program you will learn to sift through information and produce a body of work that synthesizes multiple perspectives, arriving at a more comprehensive understanding of the important issues.
The interdisciplinary studies program offers students a high degree of flexibility in designing a program of study that cuts across disciplinary boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Fitness Management Master's Courses You Could Take

Sport Nutrition and Metabolism (3 hrs)
Exploration of the nutritional principles that are required for exercise and health. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of biochemical production of ATP. It is important that the student has a solid foundation in biology principles of metabolism in order to succeed in this course.
Management of Recreation and Sport Organizations (3 hrs)
The application of management principles and practices as they relate to the successful operations of recreation and sport organizations.
Dynamics of Commercial Recreation, Event and Sport Tourism (3 hrs)
Origins, characteristics and societal impacts of commercial recreation, event and sport tourism. Examination of behavioral factors influencing participation, management considerations and research in commercial recreation, event and sport tourism. Local field trips required.
Sport Performance Analytics (3 hrs)
Online course designed to provide students with skills and knowledge to create testing batteries which can be used to measure performance-related factors in athletes.
Trends and Issues in Recreation, Event and Sport Management (3 hrs)
Concepts, research, analytical methods and literature drawn from the leading scholars in the various areas of the field.

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