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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Enhance your opportunity to land a rewarding career in the manufacturing sector.
The certificate develops technical skills for a career path in advanced manufacturing industries and prepares students for the innovation of manufacturing processing technologies.

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Why Earn a certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technology?

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Texas offers a Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MFET).

The MFET training in advanced equipment along with the completion of practical MFET studies provides valuable technical skills to UNT’s engineering graduates for future careers and allows them to be recognized professionally by some of the nation’s top companies.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Certificate Highlights

You'll get to engage in real world research that involves current industry issues.
The UNT Engineering Manufacturing Facility (EMF) is dedicated to offering advanced manufacturing services like fabrication of mechanical prototypes, proof of concepts for machinery, 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC precision machining.
MFET faculty members have a wide array of research interests, affording students the opportunity to choose from a variety of areas for their projects in the capstone course sequence.
Such projects can also become the basis for a Project or Thesis for students pursuing the GradTrack or 5-year BS/MS program.
Some Research interests include quality assurance, materials engineering, metal and ceramic matrix composites, plastics processing, surface coatings, welding and joining, micro manufacturing, metrology, high performance machining and additive Manufacturing.
Students pursuing the Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technologies have a number of state-of-the-art machines and laboratories at their fingertips.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Certificate Courses You Could Take

Quality Assurance (3 hrs)
Review of statistics and discussion of statistical process control (SPC). The study of quality management, including preproduction supplier, in-process and finished product quality; methods of statistical analysis and quality audits, costs and employee training.
Engineering Cost Analysis (3 hrs)Principles and techniques for cost evaluation of engineering design including
labor, material, direct, indirect, fixed, variable costs, parametric cost estimation techniques, forecasting tools and techniques, time value of money, depreciation methods and taxes, replacement, breakeven and sensitivity analyses, evaluation of single and multiple projects alternatives, decision making considerations, and introduction to business accounting.
CAD/CAM System Operations (3 hrs)
CAD/CAM programming, compilation of generic tape files for N/C and CNC machine tools local N/C and CNC part programming and operational techniques, G codes and M codes.
Digital Manufacturing (3 hrs)
This course aims to apply the fundamental and technological knowledge of Digitalization and Additive Manufacturing. Basic knowledge of materials behavior and manufacturing processes is required. As a learning outcome, the student will develop the ability to design, configure, and implement processes of additive manufacturing and 3D-scanning.
Machining Principles and Processes (3 hrs)
Machine tool manufacturing techniques emphasizing sequence of operations, cutting tool geometry, tooling systems, tool materials and performance characteristics, cutting forces, speeds, feeds, surface finish, horsepower calculation and cutting fluids.

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