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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

2-3 semesters
Credit Hours:

Enhance your French language skills with cultural context and relevant terminology and put your degree to work on an internationally-focused career.
The French professional certification prepares students for careers in travel, tourism and business.

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Why Earn a Professional French Certificate?

The Professional French Certificate offers students specializing in all professional and academic fields a valuable credential for their proficiency in French and their knowledge of French-speaking cultures, expanding their horizons to the French-speaking world.

A certificate in French can help lead to careers in language teaching and interpretation, translation, law enforcement, social work, immigration, health and so much more.

Professional French Certificate Courses You Could Take

Business French (3 hrs)
Students become familiar with business terminology in French. They also learn to function in a French business environment, including writing business letters, conducting telephone conversations and business meetings.
French Media and Current Events (3 hrs)
The role of traditional and digital media and the coverage of current events in France.
French Social Media (3 hrs)
Analysis and exploration of communication and discourse in French-language social media.
Professional French (3 hrs)
French terminology and behavioral patterns related to the workplace in order to communicate in a French professional environment including employment practices and formalities for daily life. Can serve as preparation for students planning to spend a semester/year in a French-speaking country, or for relocating professionals.

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