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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by learning more about the inner workings of the human mind.
The Psychology department seeks to create an equitable and inclusive environment that encourages scholastic and personal growth among faculty and students. Our programs are designed to expose you to the various perspectives that make up modern, academic psychology: historical and theoretical perspectives; psychological development; and social, multicultural, clinical, cognitive and biological approaches.

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Why Earn a Psychology Minor?

A minor in psychology is a great way to supplement a variety of majors. Because human interaction is a huge part of almost all careers, a minor in psychology can be a big boost. Students pursuing a minor in this field will learn the fundamentals of how humans think, feel and act. By learning these important elements, students will be more effective in their interactions both personally and professionally.

Some great choices to pair a psychology minor with include business, medicine, nursing, human recourses, social services, education, and many, many more. Another great reason to pursue a psychology minor is to better understand those around you. Having a background in psychology is helpful when interacting in a relationship, parenting, and understanding the people around you.

Psychology Minor Highlights

Center for Sports Psychology.
Home of the Center for Psychosocial Health Disparities Research.
Psychology Clinic services offered.

Psychology Minor Courses You Could Take

Positive Psychology (3 hrs)
Nature of psychology with emphases on the development of strengths and virtues, positive emotion, positive cognition, prosocial behavior, positive interventions, and positive environments.
Psychology of Women (3 hrs)
Comparison of personality and cultural factors associated with gender.
Developmental Psychology (3 hrs)
Basic theories and research in life-span developmental psychology, with an emphasis on the first two decades of life; unique and interactive features of socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development.
Multicultural Psychology (3 hrs)
Study of various theories and concepts of multicultural psychology, the impact of cultural factors on human behaviors, and challenges faced by underrepresented groups in society. Emphasis placed on the development of students’ multicultural knowledge and experience.
Abnormal Child Psychology (3 hrs)
Survey of the symptomatology, theoretical perspectives and treatment approaches of psychological disorders seen in infants, children and adolescents.
Health Psychology (3 hrs)
Examines psychological, physiological, social and behavioral factors as they influence and are influenced by physical health. Health psychology is concerned with the acquisition and maintenance of health through behavior change strategies, the prevention and/or treatment of illnesses, the role of psychosocial and stress factors in the development of physical illness, and the formulation of health care policy.

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