Eagle Bound Program

The University of North Texas (UNT) maintains Admission Partnership agreements with several community colleges through the Eagle Bound Program.

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UNT's Eagle Bound partners are:

How does it work?

The community college and UNT collaborate to provide transfer resources for students so that their transfer to UNT is seamless.

What does it provide participants?

  • Guaranteed admission to UNT with completion of an associate degree and by meeting the university's transfer admission requirements.
  • Opportunity to schedule one-on-one pre-admission counseling appointments with UNT on the community college campus.
  • Information for obtaining scholarship and financial assistance.

How do I apply to participate?

To apply for the Eagle Bound program, complete an Eagle Bound Pre-Admission Application and submit it to UNT.  You will immediately begin receiving information about the Eagle Bound program and how to connect with UNT.