How and when to apply for admission to UNT as a freshman

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Who can apply as a freshman?

U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or undocumented immigrants applying to UNT for the first time who do not have any post high school graduation college credit. 

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How to apply

To be considered for admission to UNT, do the following:

International students will have additional application requirements.

If you are submitting documents or payments by mail:

Our regular mailing address is:
University of North Texas
Undergraduate Admissions
1155 Union Circle #311277
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Our physical address for courier services (FedEx, UPS, etc.) is:
University of North Texas
Undergraduate Admissions
Eagle Student Services Center Room 305
1147 Union Circle
Denton, TX 76203

When to apply

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Fall 2024 term is July 15. Submit your completed application and application fee to the admissions office before July 15.

Priority Admission Dates

Apply and be admitted by the priority dates to ensure that all high school records and entrance exams are current with UNT to be considered for the UNT Excellence Scholarship Award. Applications received after these priority dates will still be considered.  

Start Term Priority Date
Fall March 1
Summer: 3-week session May 1

How early should you apply?

Freshmen applicants may apply up to a year in advance of their expected term of enrollment; however, many high school students typically apply between July and December of their senior year. It's best to apply as early as possible so that you'll have more scholarships available and more options for orientation dates and housing.

When are admission decisions made?

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. You will be informed of your admission status via a letter in the mail, an email, or your portal once we have received and processed your complete application and all required documents.


How to pay the application fee

The application fee for U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents is $75.

The application fee for international students on a temporary visa, does not have a U.S. permanent resident card (green card), or is not an undocumented immigrant eligible for Texas Residency is $85.

Ways to pay

You may pay the application fee by credit card, money order or check. The application fee must be paid in U.S. dollars and is non-refundable.

Please email for information regarding how to pay online.

If paying by money order or check, please mail your payment to us. Please include the student's full name on the money order or check so we can credit the payment to the correct account. See our mailing address.

Fee waivers

International applicants who do not qualify for Texas Residency are not eligible for a fee waiver.

In limited cases, the admission application fee may be waived. To be considered for an admission application fee waiver students must submit one of the following to the university:

Summer 2024
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Student Aid Report (SAR) showing the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $400 or less.
  • Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) Student Aid Report (SAR) showing the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $400 or less.
Starting Fall 2024
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) showing the Student Aid Index (SAI) of $0 or less.
  • Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) showing the Student Aid Index (SAI) of $0 or less.
Additional fee waivers

Freshman applicants may also request an admission application fee waiver by submitting one of the following: 

  • College Board SAT application fee waiver (not the test fee waiver)
    • The year on the College Board waiver should match the application year in order for the waiver to be used
  • ACT application fee waiver (not the test fee waiver)
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) application fee waiver
  • High school counselor letters from an authorized high school counselor
  • High school counselor requests for application fee waivers submitted via the Common Application from an authorized High school counselor

All fee waivers above must be within 1 year of your high school graduation or the waiver will not be applied and an application payment will be required. Application fee waivers may be submitted via email, mail, or in person to Undergraduate Admissions.


How to submit transcripts

UNT highly recommends electronic document submission whenever possible. Mailed transcripts need to be sent in an institution-sealed envelope to the Office of Admissions. See our mailing address. If you're having difficulty obtaining official documents, please contact us at for assistance.

High School

We recommend you submit your official high school transcripts electronically to UNT directly from your high school’s approved service (i.e., Naviance, TREx, CommonApp, etc.) or emailed as a PDF from your high school's Registrar.

College or University

We recommend you submit your official college or university transcript(s) using one of the following approved systems:

  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Parchment 
  • Standardization of Postsecondary Education Data Exchange (SPEEDE)
  • Common App
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST)
  • Any NACES member evaluation company

How to submit SAT or ACT scores

Freshman applicants to UNT may submit SAT or ACT scores. The writing portion of the exam is not required. UNT accepts scores that are sent to us electronically from the College Board and ACT, or you may ask your high school counselor to send us your test scores posted on your official high school transcript. You may be considered for admission without a standardized test score if your high school cumulative unweighted GPA is above a 3.0.

If you need UNT's college code for use in having your test score reports sent to UNT, please use the following:

  • 6481 for SAT score reporting
  • 4136 for ACT score reporting

If you will be taking the SAT or ACT at UNT and need UNT's testing center code, please use the following:

  • The SAT Test Center Code for UNT is 44328. To register, visit the SAT College Board.
  • The ACT Test Center Code for UNT is 041360. To register, visit the ACT. 

Learn about UNT's SAT and ACT admission requirements

No recent SAT or ACT test scores?

UNT encourages you to send your SAT and ACT scores but they are optional. Most standardized test scores are reportable for 5 years following the year in which you tested. Any standardized test scores that fall within this time period must be reported by the appropriate testing service. If your scores are not reportable by the appropriate testing service, you have the following options:

  • A high school counselor or registrar can send a PDF of the score report directly from an official school email
  • You may retake the standardized admission test and have the new scores sent to UNT.

Essays and letters of recommendation

You are not required to send letters of recommendation or an essay with your application unless additional information is requested of you. If letters of recommendation and an essay are required, you will receive an email with information about the required documentation and how to upload the documents to your portal.