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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by learning more about the intricacies of human communication.
A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers identified the top four skills employers are seeking; these include the ability to communicate verbally with people inside and external to the organization, to solve problems, to work in teams, and to make decisions. These skills represent much of the foundation on which our program is built.

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Why Earn a Communication Studies Minor?

The Department of Communication Studies strives to serve student populations with wide-ranging career goals, including graduate study and professional employment in a wide variety of industries. 

The department regularly examines the needs of our growing student population and develops new course offerings and extracurricular opportunities to best serve the interests of our future graduates.     

We cultivate communication scholarship and practice from diverse perspectives to foster creative, self-reflexive, and engaged leaders in their personal, professional, and civic lives. 

Communication Studies Minor Highlights

Our program offers personalized student attention within a tight-knit community committed to developing the next generation of organizational, group, and community leaders.
Our department supports the UNT Debate Team, a student chapter of the Lambda Pi Eta national honor society, the NCA Future Pros organization and the Performance Interest Group.
The Debate Team is consistently recognized as one of the nation's best, and regularly has students participate in the prestigious National Debate Tournament.
Our faculty members have collaborated on projects for the North Texas Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, Denton County Friends of the Family and the Texas Fire Chiefs Academy.
Communication students partnered with Texas Motor Speedway's marketing team for on hand class projects
Our faculty is composed of award-wining teachers and internationally-recognized scholars who mentor students with innovative knowledge about communication in a wide variety of contexts.

Communication Studies Minor Courses You Could Take

Performance of Literature (3 hrs)
Performance as a method of textual study. An introduction to the theory and practice of analyzing, rehearsing and performing non-dramatic texts. Recommended for elementary education majors.
Advocating in Public (3 hrs)
Introduction to the critical dimensions of rhetoric and argument through presentation and evaluation of public discourse. Balanced attention to the theory and practice enabling students to analyze the persuasive function of public discourse; to discuss the role of audience in the construction of public discourse; and to develop skills for constructing, supporting, and evaluating public discourse.
Theories of Crisis Communication (3 hrs)
Examines communication within the context of organizational crises from theoretical and practical perspectives.
Rhetoric and Politics (3 hrs)
Rhetoric of political campaigns, presidential rhetoric, legal communication, and the rhetorical creation, maintenance, use and legitimization of symbolic power.
Landscapes of Public Memory (3 hrs)
Examines contemporary locations and landscapes of public memory. Begins with the fundamental assumption that contemporary rhetoric plays a primary role in shaping individuals’ experiences with public (memory) spaces. Explores particularly salient locations of public memory and investigates how one’s experience and understanding of such places is rhetorically informed.
Interpersonal Communication (3 hrs)
Introduction to interpersonal communication research results and theories with application in two-person and small group relationships in a variety of human communication contexts.

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