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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Learn effective digital communication techniques for every platform using the latest technologies with a Digital Media Studies Certificate.
In this 15-hour interdicisplinary certificate program, students learn to utilize and analyze a variety of digital media tools for the purposes of communication, collaboration and research, and to develop social, political, academic and professional networks.

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Why Earn a Digital Media Studies Certificate?

Businesses and media organizations today must create, produce, and manage content for multiple platforms, from print and broadcast to online. Whether you’re an emerging media professional or work in the marketing or communications department of a business or nonprofit organization, you can benefit from training in digital media.

The 15-credit digital media certificate program introduces you to the power of multimedia content — written, audio, and visual — and how it can be used to communicate with and persuade audiences. You’ll choose from a variety of courses in communications, journalism, and technical communication, and others under the guidance of your advisor.

Digital Media Studies Certificate Highlights

You'll have access to and gain experience with equipment and software similar to tools used by industry professionals.
Our faculty members are internationally recognized scholars, seasoned media professionals and award-winning documentary producers. Their books are used in university courses throughout the world, and faculty-produced films and programs have aired on network television and at international media festivals.
Faculty members also work for and have been recognized by the Broadcast Education Association, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Television Academy Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists, among other organizations.
You can hone your skills by working at one of our two award-winning student media outlets. Our radio station (KNTU-FM) and cable television station (ntTV) have won awards on the local, state and national levels.
The Youth Media Lab (YML) at UNT is an innovative and unique collaboration that is comprised of Media Arts faculty and students who invest in innovative research, service learning, community partnerships, and learner-centered education to serve our communities through the use of media literacy and production
Courses are designed to provide students with ample and unique opportunities to learn from and work with expert faculty members committed to preparing students for future careers in media.

Digital Media Studies Certificate Courses You Could Take

Digital Media and Society (3 hrs)
Overview of development, organization and operation of different digital media technologies, platforms and industries. Analyzes broader concepts related to identity, community, and privacy.
New Media Experience (3 hrs)
Discovering how new media, including blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and Second Life, have evolved into useful forms of communication to help learning as a college student.
Communications and Virtual Gaming (3 hrs)
Exploration of fundamental concepts related to games and gamers from socio-cultural, psychological and technological viewpoints. Explores the role of gaming technologies in communication, focusing on how they change the nature of communication and their impacts on people’s lives and on society, and develops analytical abilities for examining games and gaming technology.
Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 hrs)
Course provides an overview of the current and future state of media and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Students will learn how to start a business in media, find customers and pitch a business idea.
Content Development for Digital Media (3 hrs)
Advanced production of news and informational content for radio, television and the Internet. Project-oriented curriculum giving advanced students experience creating podcasts, marketing videos, mini-docs and other digital content for cross-platform distribution.
Communication and New Technology (3 hrs)
Examination of communication in technologically mediated environments. Emphasis on how these environments affect impression formation and management, deception and trust, attraction and relationship formation, group dynamics, social support and networking, community building, etc.

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