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On Campus
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4 years
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Pursue your business vision.
From home-based businesses to venture capital-funded startups, entrepreneurs work in all types of industries and are a driving force behind economic growth. Building a wide range of skills gives you maximum flexibility and preparation to chart your own future.

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Why Earn an Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management Degree?

Our comprehensive program exercises a “learn today, apply tomorrow” classroom philosophy. Upon graduation, you’ll have the practical tools needed to start a business or improve an existing one. Our curriculum addresses real-world situations such as:

  • Dealing successfully with managerial and family business challenges
  • Developing a strategic business plan
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Identifying and capitalizing on international opportunities
  • Managing finances

You also can apply your skills in collegiate and national competitions and become involved in student organizations.

Marketable Skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Knowledge of start/sustain/grow business
  • Oral and written communication
  • Application of cross-discipline business principles
  • Address complex business situations

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management Degree Highlights

You’ll learn from faculty members known for their innovative teaching, outstanding research and exceptional service to the profession and community.
The college's undergraduate entrepreneurship and enterprise management program ranked 43rd for affordability in the nation by
the G. Brint Ryan College of Business ranked 9th in Texas and 61st in the South by
UNT’s proximity opens up a wealth of career, networking and internship opportunities. UNT is nestled in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, home to the nation’s fourth largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies.
With a student body of more than 8,000 students, the UNT G. Brint Ryan College of Business is one of the largest colleges of business in the nation.
The Murphy Center is a collaborative environment facilitating new business ventures and strengthening the prospects of early-stage companies in the North Texas region.

What Can You do With a Why Earn an Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management Degree?

Potential careers, in addition to being an entrepreneur or business owner, include:

  • Business analyst — investigating business environments, opportunities, market trends, and expansion and growth options
  • Consultant — providing support on how to write business plans, make business projections or identify opportunities
  • General manager/supervisor — setting goals and effectively implementing plans
  • Management training generalist — designing training sessions in developing business models, innovating business processes or increasing efficiency

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management Degree Courses You Could Take

Organizational Design and Change (3 hrs)
Organizational design is a primary management tool for organizing business processes and developing organizational capabilities. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the basics of organizational design, how to utilize organizational design principles to manage change, and how to keep the design aligned with the needs of the firm and the demands to which it must respond.
Entrepreneurial Growth and Strategy (3 hrs)
Management of entrepreneurial ventures with an emphasis on application and integration. Students will learn about the stages of venture growth and development, key success factors, strategies and theoretical frameworks to make sense of and appreciate the challenges in sustaining and managing an entrepreneurial venture in a variety of contexts.
E-ManagementManaging in a Digital Economy (3 hrs)
Deals with the “why” and “how” of the changing face of management. Focuses on what managers do to maintain and enhance their firm’s competitive position in the era of e-commerce. Examines and evaluates some of the more critical issues associated with analyzing the environment, designing organizations and managing people to deal with the challenges that emerge in the new business environment.
Family Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
Explores the unique managerial issues associated with family businesses, the dynamics and competitive positioning of family businesses, as well as their contribution to the economy. Emphasis on student application of material and on proposing solutions to problems in organization, management, and succession in family business contexts.
Social Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
Introduces entrepreneurial concepts that can be used to stimulate entrepreneurial behavior in individuals for the benefit of communities.
Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
Initiation of new ventures and approaches to growth of existing firms through opportunity recognition, innovation and change. Emphasizes developing effective entrepreneurial skills and behaviors. Includes preparation of a comprehensive business plan.

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