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What is a Wellbeing Champion?

Wellbeing Champions are faculty and staff volunteers from a wide range of departments and roles across the UNT campus who play a vital role in helping to achieve UNT’s workplace wellbeing aspirations. The purpose of the Wellbeing Champion network is to promote and support a healthy workplace culture at UNT by raising awareness around health and wellness activities, resources and support services.

What do Wellbeing Champions do?
  • Promote and encourage participation in Wellbeing @ Work programming and events.
  • Share resources and wellbeing learning opportunities with faculty and staff in their areas.
  • Provide leadership in their areas to encourage a healthy work environment and healthy work practices for fellow colleagues.
  • Organize and coordinate events and activities to promote health and wellbeing of faculty and staff in their area.
  • Understand UNT’s nine dimensions of the wellness wheel: physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, environmental, spiritual, financial, social and occupational.
  • Attend monthly community meetings with fellow Wellbeing Champions to discuss and share how they are promoting wellbeing in their areas.
  • Meet with the Faculty and Staff Wellbeing Advisory Board on a quarterly basis to stay up-to-date on relevant priorities and initiatives, provide feedback on wellbeing programming in their areas and help improve existing programming to better meet the needs of the faculty and staff population.
How much time is required to participate in the program?
  • Length of term: One year minimum commitment, with the option to recommit to the role annually.
  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month (this may vary depending on training and programming).
  • Attend monthly Wellbeing Champion meetings.
  • Attend quarterly check-in meetings with the Faculty and Staff Wellbeing Advisory Board.
How do I become a Wellbeing Champion?
  • An individual can recommend someone from their department or an individual can volunteer themselves.
  • If you'd like to volunteer to be a Wellbeing Champion, simply fill out and submit the online form.
What are the benefits of being a Wellbeing Champion?
  • The opportunity to be directly involved in fostering a culture of wellbeing and making a difference in your workplace.
  • Receiving ongoing support from the Faculty and Staff Wellbeing Advisory Board.
  • Networking with other Wellbeing Champions across campus.
  • Complimentary lunch at quarterly meetings with the advisory board.
Do you know someone who would make a great Wellbeing Champion?

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