Refers to learning to successfully manage financial expenses

Financial wellness means taking steps to live within your financial means and living in, and planning for, future financial health. You can do this by planning financially, creating a budget and learning to be a good consumer.

It includes income, debt and savings, as well as your understanding of financial processes and resources. Money plays a vital role in our lives and it impacts your health, work and academic performance.
Questions to ask yourself:
  1. Do I “pay myself first” by setting some money aside for savings whenever I get a paycheck?
  2. Do I have a budget and do I stick to it?
  3. Do I use a credit card responsibly and try to live within my means?
  4. Do I read articles, watch videos and talk to people I trust to boost my understanding of personal finance? 
Student Money Management Center

The SMMC offers seminars and presentations on financial wellness and readiness topics, an emergency assistance program and confidential financial consultations and planning services.

Student Accounting

Student Accounting manages all student billing and refunds, as well as the application of scholarships, grants and refunds.

Housing Insecurity

Students facing housing insecurity can receive referrals to community resources and shelters, information about financial resources and connections to other assistance programs.

Food Pantry

Don’t go hungry! Students in need can receive a bag of food, toiletries or hygiene products from the UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger.


Financial Assistance


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines your eligibility for financial aid. Nearly all students who complete the FAFSA receive some type of financial assistance.


Depending on your circumstances, federal, state or university grants may be available to help with college costs. Many grants are need-based.


Students may be eligible for loans including federal subsidized or unsubsidized loans, a parent PLUS loan, federal graduate PLUS loan or private education loans.

Student Employment – Career Center

UNT employs more than 5,000 students through hourly jobs, work-study positions and Eagle Internships. Working at UNT is ideal for students due to its convenient location, flexible scheduling, social networking and the opportunity to develop relevant, transferable skills.

International Student Funding Resources

Various scholarships, grants, waivers and funding are available to international students.



Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Learn about the cost of attendance and various scholarships, grants, work study opportunities, loans, waivers and exemptions to help pay for college.

Eagle Scholarship Portal

UNT awards thousands of scholarships each year, and the Eagle Scholarship Portal matches students to scholarship opportunities based on responses.

Department-Sponsored Scholarships

Many departments, schools and colleges administer their own scholarships with rolling deadlines and varying qualifications.

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

UNT staff are available to assist students with applying for competitive postgraduate awards such as Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Madison, Truman, Mellon and National Science Foundation scholarships and fellowships.


External Resources

Kinside Complete Care Logo

Complete Care

Complete Care, a new family care benefit for UNT faculty, staff and students, pairs Kinside and Urban Sitter’s sitter service providers for backup and emergency child care, daycare and preschool services, babysitters and nannies, senior care, pet care, camps and school programs, basic household services and tutoring. UNT students can also sign up as service providers.