Refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others

Social wellness involves building healthy and supportive relationships as well as fostering a connection with those around you. Having a supportive social network allows you to develop assertive skills and become more comfortable with yourself in social situations. 

Taking time to focus on your social wellness can promote emotional resilience and provide a social network that increases your self-esteem and provides other forms of support.
Questions to ask yourself:
  1. What or who makes me happiest and why?
  2. Do I make time to visit with my family and friends?
  3. Do I express appreciation and affection for people who support me?
  4. Do I find my relationships to be positive, enriching and authentic?
Student Activities

UNT is home to more than 450 student organizations, from academic to cultural to performing arts to religious and more, so all students can find their fit. UNT offers many International and Cultural Student Organizations, as well as programs and services specifically designed to help off-campus, commuter, graduate and non-traditional students connect to campus life.

University Program Council

The University Program Council (UPC) is the student-run programming board devoted to planning and implementing educational, social, cultural and entertaining events for the student body.

Mean Green Sports

UNT’s student-athletes field 12 teams that compete in NCAA Division I athletics and make the UNT family proud.

Student Government Association

Undergraduate students are represented by the Student Government Association (SGA). It is made up of three branches of government and grants funding for undergraduate student conferences or programming and hosts universitywide events.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) advocates, connects and empowers graduate students. GSC is comprised of an Executive Branch, Judicial Branch and Senate, and the bodies work to improve the graduate student experience.

Pohl Recreation Center

Get active with the Pohl Recreation Center by participating in fitness classes, events, groups or private swim lessons, intramurals, personal training, esports, Outdoor Pursuits and sport clubs.

Complete Care

Complete Care, a new family care benefit for UNT faculty, staff and students, pairs Kinside and Urban Sitter’s sitter service providers for backup and emergency child care, daycare and preschool services, babysitters and nannies, senior care, pet care, camps and school programs, basic household services and tutoring. UNT students can also sign up as service providers.


Togetherall is an online community free to all students, faculty and staff to share feelings anonymously and get support to improve mental health and wellbeing. Interactions are monitored by licensed, registered mental health practitioners. It provides courses for specific concerns to help people learn ways to manage mental health.