Refers to caring for and advocating for your body

Physical wellness includes physical health, sleep, exercise, nutrition, sexual health and making safe decisions about substance use. It’s about learning how to navigate healthcare, not only when you are sick, but also to prevent illness and injury.

From going to the gym to consuming enough water, there are numerous ways you can boost your physical wellness each day.
Questions to ask yourself:
  1. Am I getting enough quality sleep on a regular basis?
  2. How is my energy level throughout the day? Do I experience frequent fatigue?
  3. Am I maintaining a healthy and balanced diet?
  4. Do I engage in regular physical activity or exercise? If yes, what types and how often?
  5. Am I practicing safe and responsible sexual behaviors?
Frisco Fitness Center

The Frisco Fitness Center at Frisco Landing provides students, faculty and staff opportunities to exercise while on campus. The center contains free weights, cardio equipment, Peloton Bikes, Fitness Mirrors and outdoor space for individual workouts, plus scheduled fitness events.

Virtual Workouts

Stay active, healthy and involved wherever you go. UNT Rec Sports hosts a library of at-home fitness workoutsoutdoor virtual clinics and resource videos, as well as a robust YouTube channel with exercise content.


Student Health and Wellness Center

The on-campus medical clinic provides primary care and offers treatment for injuries, illnesses and other medical issues with convenient access to on-site laboratory testing and x-rays. The SHWC also offers allergy injections, psychiatric services and dietician consults.

Meadows Center for Health Resources

UNT’s health education office promotes wellness through programming and services including The Condom Club, health education programs and wellness consultations.

Reproductive and Sexual Health
Reproductive and Sexual Health

UNT’s caring healthcare providers offer gynecological care, walk-in STD testing and HIV testing.

Chiropractic Services

Onsite chiropractic appointments can now be scheduled at UNT SHWC before, after or in between classes! Book your appointment online. Their holistic approach includes cupping, personal injury treatment, stretching, myofascial therapy, reflexology, therapeutic exercises, flexion and distraction.

UNT Dental Office

The UNT Dental Office provides comprehensive, affordable, high-quality dental care from their convenient on-campus location.

College Optical Express

College Optical Express is a full-service optometry practice available to the UNT community. Fully licensed professional staff help maintain each patient’s vision and writes prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.

Massage Therapy

Licensed massage therapists provide UNT students, faculty and staff with affordable massage therapy services to reduce stress.

Office of Disability Access

The Office of Disability Access serves as the central campus resource for the university community in regards to students with disabilities and accommodations to remove barriers to access.


Survivor Advocate

If you’re overwhelmed and struggling due to experiences of violence, trauma and/or harassment, Survivor Advocacy can help by discussing reporting options, arranging for housing and academic accommodations, scheduling appointments and connecting you to resources.


Students in distress or exhibiting behaviors indicative of high risk, should be referred to the interdisciplinary CARE Team. The collaborative group helps identify, intervene and respond to help students succeed at UNT.

Food Pantry

Don’t go hungry! Students in need can receive a bag of food, toiletries or hygiene products from the UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger.

UNT Community Garden

The UNT Community Garden is a space for collaborative learning, with 20 raised gardening plots that grow organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Food grown in the garden is donated to the UNT Food Pantry.

Campus Safety Programs

The UNT Police Department offers a variety of safety programs including self-defense, responding to an active shooter, theft prevention, scam awareness and avoidance, emergency readiness training and more.

Lactation Rooms
Fourteen private breastfeeding rooms are designated at buildings across campus.